Camp #1 Kick-Off!

Posted on: July 6, 2015

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Today is the day! ICCP’s Summer In The City Camps have officially started!

Camp #1 runs for 2 weeks Monday to Friday : July 6th – July 10th and July 13th – July 17th!

Today we welcomed our camp #1 students and had an awesome first day to start the summer! We would like to thank Allison from E4C at the Summer Snack Program, who will be providing the children with yummy nutritional snacks all summer!

We received a special visit from the 102.3 NOW! Trucksicle today as well, and all the children got to cool down with some free popsicles! Thank you NOW Radio!

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A special thank you to the staff of the Green Shack Playground Program, which is very popular program which has been running for over 30 years in Edmonton! They had an activity packed day for the kids to enjoy, which also included the Flying Eagle Program.

The Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 5.41.48 PMFlying Eagle Program is an Aboriginal program that delivers Aboriginal games, songs, crafts and stories. Today the children learned how to smudge with sage, they also learned how to play double ball, and got to make mini headdress out of beads and safety pins.

For camp #1 we have several field trips planned:

July 7th: Swimming at Terwillegar Community Rec Centre

July 10th: Giovanni Spray Park

July 13: Jurassic Forest!

July 16: Commonwealth Swimming pool

July 17: K-Days Parade followed by a BBQ at Giovanni Park

In addition to the events planned, we also have sports day, movie/green-shack day,  and arts/crafts/baking day!

We are overwhelmed by the incredible support from various programs by The City of Edmonton and local organizations who are dedicated to Edmonton’s Inner City Children!

Thank you to all our sponsors and generous donations for making this summer camp possible! Check in regularly for the latest summer camp news!



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