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Established in 1995, ICCP is a registered non-profit charity that remains committed to providing Edmonton’s inner city children with a chance to participate in programs specifically created for their benefit by giving those opportunities they would otherwise not have access to. A few examples of the programs we deliver are : After School Programming, Koinonia Program, Keyboards for Kids, Young Chefs and of course our spring and summer camps!


Recognizing the need for supervised, skill-building programming in the inner-city community, we have partnered with local schools and other organizations to provide a variety of programs and services. By focusing on asset-building and skill enhancing activities we are helping to build strength and resiliency in our children that will aid them in becoming strong, independent adults.


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Jason Strudwick I am very proud to be the ambassador for ICCP. Having grown up in Edmonton, I feel very familiar with the city and some of the challenges we must all play a part in working towards solving. Focusing on the inner city, ICCP has developed programs that are helping children discover hidden talents and interests they would not have otherwise been exposed to. From Keyboards for Kids to Young Chefs, the various programs are having a significant impact on young peoples’ lives.

I have been fortunate enough to have spent some time with these kids. Their energy and positive attitudes opened my eyes to how successful these programs have been. I am inspired to do my part to ensure the continued success and growth of the ICCP. ICCP is giving kids within our community an opportunity to make the right choice when they come to a fork in the road. We can all make a difference!