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Supporting Our Children’s Future

Established in 1995, ICCP is a registered non-profit charity that remains committed to providing Edmonton’s inner city children with a chance to participate in programs specifically created for their benefit by giving those opportunities they would otherwise not have access to. A few examples of the programs we deliver are : After School Programming, Koinonia Program, Keyboards for Kids, Young Chefs and of course our spring and summer camps!

Recognizing the need for supervised, skill-building programming in the inner-city community, we have partnered with local schools and other organizations to provide a variety of programs and services. By focusing on asset-building and skill enhancing activities we are helping to build strength and resiliency in our children that will aid them in becoming strong, independent adults.

ICCP’s Honorary Co-Chairs – A statement from Josh and Kristin Classen

Our family is so honoured to be involved with ICCP.

Every once in a while, you come across an organization that “speaks” to you. As the parents of 3 school-aged boys, we know how important it is for kids to have opportunities.

Opportunity: a favourable juncture of circumstances

Opportunity: a good chance for advancement or progress

That’s what ICCP does.

It creates favourable circumstances that give kids a chance to create a better future. Music lessons, cooking classes, morning gymnastics & out-of-school programs open a child’s eyes to a new world of possibilities. There are countless kids in our community that we’re dedicated to helping. But, we need YOUR help too.

Join us in improving the lives of children in Edmonton.

Give a child an OPPORTUNITY and support ICCP.

Josh & Kristin Classen


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